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United offers the refiner the safest and most cost-effective, turnkey solution to oil recovery projects, tank bottom issues, degassing/vapor recovery, tank cleaning projects, waste disposal and transportation.  Our vertically integrated approach combines our oil trading and blending group with our liquids separation and chemistry group to design a custom solution for each refinery project.

1) Oil Recovery: United operates three oil processing facilities on the Gulf Coast.  We purchases off-spec product from refineries and bulk storage terminals.  United offers the refinery the opportunity to market distressed product that may otherwise result in either a disposal project or liquid separations event.

2) Centrifuge/Liquid Separation/Waste Minimization: United’s inplant services assists refineries across the country with oil recovery, liquid separation and waste minimization.  United has developed the most efficient centrifuge equipment and chemical programs for oil recovery available in the market.  Our three phase centrifuge operations will produce high quality oil for re-introduction as refinery feed stock.

3) Tank Cleaning: United provides the refinery, terminal and pipeline industries with a vertically integrated solution to storage tank cleaning.  Our expertise and capabilities in cleaning, degassing, vapor recovery, centrifuging, hydrocarbon recovery plus waste profiling, transportation and disposal provides our customers with a cost effective and management efficient resource.  Services include:

  1. Hot ready cleaned
  2. API 653 inspection cleaned
  3. Removal of collapsed aluminum internal floating roofs
  4. On-site processing of sludge for liquids and solids separation and waste minimization.
  5. Transportation and disposal of tank bottoms
  6. Transferring tank bottoms to another tank or into your pipeline.
  7. Decommissioning and demolition of tanks

4) Degassing/Vapor Recovery: Air quality regulations have been enacted to control emissions of organic compounds (VOC) at refineries and bulk storage terminals.  United’s services include tank degassing, centrifuge vapor abatement, industrial waste vapor processing.

5) Waste Disposal: United utilizes a network of disposal facilities to provide the total waste management solution. United will analyze, profile, manifest and transport waste to landfill, incineration, fuels blending and recycling.

6) Transportation: United provides complete waste transport services. Our fleet is equipped to move hazardous and non-hazardous liquid, sludge and solid waste in both bulk and containerized packages. Operation of this fleet is coordinated from out Houston headquarters and helps provide safe and secure transportation of customer generated materials to their final disposal or recycling site.

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